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Serval Foundation is a dynamic, frontline charity working to create awareness about animal protection and nature through the power of education. Sustainability is at the heart of Serval Foundation’s work – which is why we believe a hand-up is more effective than a hand out. We provide innovative and holistic educational programmes that place the power to change firmly in young people’s hands and which runs a project named Nielimishe.

Nielimishe Project is a three year long for students and youth in primary, secondary, and educational centres. It is the biggest project the organization is implementing in Tanzania. Through innovative training & practicals, the project inspires students and youths to make positive changes in their community towards conservation, animal protection and nature. You can also learn more on our introduction slides and our past projects below.

The foundation is full registered in Tanzania and also working closely with EliOra Tanzania - Hand in Hand e.V./Deustchland a charity organisation registered in German.

Our Vision Protected ecology where life of living organism is absolutely necessary.

Our Mission Promoting a welfare of all living things through provision of general knowledge and skills concerning the importance of protection and nature to youth, student and community at large.

Introduction Slides

Our Projects

February is rainy season in Arusha , but the sun is laughing in the heart, because our friends from the Serval Foundation have finally received the last document for official recognition. Since the Corona situation allows at least important trips, I set out to accompany a member of the International Board to the launch event of the Nielimishe project. From their own experience and with the fire of their own closeness to nature, they want to inspire the children (again) for their own nature in schools on the edge of national parks and schools in Arusha.

Project I: Tingatinga Primary School

Tingatinga Primary School is situated in Longido district in Arusha region and acts as our pilot school since the since the school is situated close to wildlife sanctuaries as Elephants, Girrafes, Antelopes and Zebras do come or passby close enough to the school. We have been planning the school for a long time and have already visited and met the children, but here too a number of permits still have to be issued. But at the beginning of February everything is ready and we visited the school.

Project II: Tingatinga Primary School - 18/08/2021

August is a summer season in Arusha , so in this very day it was too hot and kind of winds. So as we planned with three members from Serval Foundation to visit again Tingatinga Primary School for our second project lesson on our series of lessons as planned. But this time we have already planned with the teachers at Tingating Primary School that our lesson will start at 02:00 P.M sharp and we have already visited and met the children, so we are now recognizable and that helps us performing our tasks in a less complicated environment and that make easy to be accepted by school.

Here the day comes on Wednesday 18th August 2021 we are up again on the road leading to Longido District where Tingatinga Primary School is located On the way we spotted Giraffes and antelopes at the side of the road as usually. As we kick start the kids are really curious and greetings as usual, Issael introduced us, we had a chat for few seconds about who between us they remember that were here last time? Though also we had a new couch coming for the first time his name is Ezekiel they managed to identify the rest of the team from last time who were there. “as it was last time Our class" is a 4 class and in the company of the teacher we started a lesson. The computer is charged and we with our smaller beamer, which also runs with battery, Erick turns on the beamer this time we managed at least presentation to be a little bit visible. And also we all have loaded the slides on our phones ready for the lecturer to start.

We had 45 minutes to cover everything about hippopotamus, before starting we had to ask the children about the last lessons, it was encouraging part after finding out that they remember almost everything we taught them last time of our visited. After the lecturer After questions and answers we provided them with painting colors and paper they had to draw hippopotamus but after a while we observed not all they were comfortable about single animal that we discussed few minutes ago so, Issael came up with the idea of that we shouldn’t limit them lets give them to draw any creature except human being, and so they enjoyed this part. And so they were very attentive and highly interested and we could see the energy they had in them.

Generally this was another very successfully project that really brings something. We saw the energy on the children’s that they real want to learn and very eager to learn something new every day. This time before we left we all had a group picture and they we all happy lifting up what they all managed to draw.